Commercial Real Estate Forward Vision
Caston Holdings, Inc
Architecture and Construction // Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communication // Business, Management and Administration // Marketing, Sales, and Service // Science, Technology, Engineering and Math // Information Technology
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Make the buying and leasing commercial real estate more efficient through technology.

Using 3D imaging and virtual reality to create virtual finished space for the buyer/tenant to visualize their finished product. Showing property with this option helps the user determine space/building options. Creating software/program that allows the client to visualize space and also be given an electronic copy to make changes themselves.
Software or Program to visually show a potential buyer or renter what their space or building could look like. A virtual realty experience that takes a client from a building/property tour to a finished space/building drawing. Project should include space plans that can be changed and sent electronically. Plan should also include space for notes.
Hours Commitment
A few months
What Business Partners Will Provide
Will provide an iPad (or similar product) and VR goggles.
Business open to all types of involvement
Grade Level
High School (9-12)
Academic Domain
Career & Technical Education
Computer Science
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