Why Our Town?
Project Generator
Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communication // Hospitality and Tourism // Marketing, Sales, and Service // Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Why does anyone want to live in small-town Iowa? What does our town/County have to offer to someone looking for a place to call home? A team of students can research all the entities of your town/county and create a brochure, website, and/or an app. These will be marketing tools that potential residents can view to persuade them to live in your small town/county. The marketing tools will also be helpful to new residents in your community.

Business entities will include Accounting/Legal. Advertising, Graphics & Media. Agriculture, Hunting & Fishing. Automotive. Community & Civic Organizations. Computers & Telecommunications. Contractors & Services, Education. Finance & Insurance. Food, Beverage, Grocery & Restaurant. Funeral Home. Health Care & Dental. Lodging. Manufacturing, Production, & Wholesale. Pets & Veterinary. Real Estate. Utilities. Senior Living & Personal Care. Shopping & Specialty Retail, and Utilities.
Students will create a brochure and/or website to promote your small town/county. Creating an app is also an opportunity for this project.
Hours Commitment
A few months
What Business Partners Will Provide
- Initial Pitch to students, current Chamber Website and business brochures as resources, - Guidance while researching and working on the project/deliverables, and - Feedback on Deliverables.
What Schools Will Need To Provide
Chromebooks & Laptops, Internet, Camera, Paper, Pencil/Pen
Business open to all types of involvement
Academic Domain
Career & Technical Education
Language Arts
World Languages
Social Studies